5 Ways Fabric Cards Can Improve Your Product Sales

If you’re in the business of designing curtains, carpets, and any other type of fabric out there, then you understand the importance of having fabric cards. Here’s how it helps your business thrive:

Test Drive

For Better Homes and Gardens, the first step to finding the right color scheme is to bring an entire fan deck of colors, hues and shades home. That’s the convenience you bring to your customers. With fabric samples, it’s easy for your customers to test out color combinations. Not everyone has a visual brain, after all. So a lot of people still can’t imagine the results or effects whenever you put two shades together. Customers with fabric samples, though, can mix and match hues and shades to their heart’s content.

Refine An Idea

With fabric samples, it’s a simple matter for your customers to refine their ideas, to put together color palettes to see how all the elements form a whole or to revise one element and observe how a better one interacts or changes the rest of the palette.

They’re Portable

Instead of your customers lugging around rolls of fabrics, which can prove incredibly inconvenient, fabric samples in a card allow them to carry your entire product range with ease.  They won’t even have trouble losing a roll or two out of the sheer difficulty of trying to carry them all.

They’re Easy To Compare

Fabric samples are often designed in different ways, all with one goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible to show all the samples side by side. This makes it incredibly easy for consumers to find which shades and hues worked for them the best and which one’s they should readily leave behind.

They’re Cost Effective

The best advantage to using these cards is the cost. They offer customers a chance to mix and match your entire product range, even the really expensive ones you have, at a fraction of the price. With samples like this, customers don’t have to pay the full freight just to get their hands on a fabric or a combination they’ve been dying to try out. Samples of this sort provide them with an attractively wallet-friendly alternative.

If you’re looking for a way to boost product sales, investing in fabric samples may be your best option. It’s an excellent way to drum up customer interest in your inventory without draining your budget dry. With fabric samples from Lennertson Sample Company, you can help customers find a range of materials they can try out.

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