5 Things You Never Knew about Crested Butte

1. There are no national chain stores: You won’t find a Wal-Mart, McDonalds, or Starbucks in the village; and that’s the way the residents like it thank you very much. You will find a nice variety of mom and pop shops and locally owned bars, restaurants and cafes. Don’t worry about driving because everything in the village is within walking distance.

2. It is situated between two large airports: There is a misconception that the area is hard to get to, but in fact, it’s only a 35-minute drive from the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport (GUC) and a 1.5 hour drive from the Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ).

3. It is surrounded by 2 Million acres of U.S. National Forest Service land: Skiing isn’t the only thing you can do in Crested Butte; there are also plenty of trails that allow you to hike, snowshoe, snowmobile, and Nordic ski. Guided tours are available for horseback riding and dog-sledding.

4. The Ski Terrain is almost 60 percent intermediate: Although it is the go-to for many advanced and expert skiers, the area is made up of mostly intermediate terrain.

5. Locals and tourists alike think it’s the most beautiful place on earth: There is no denying it – the views are breathtaking and if you’re looking for peaceful, serene surroundings, Crested Butte is the place to be. In fact, tourists like the area so much that many choose to purchase a second home here. It’s no wonder that many locals want to keep Crested Butte a secret.

You only have to visit once to fall in love with the area and all it has to offer. Visit the Crested Butte real estate MLS website to discover the properties that are for sale. You too can enjoy a second home here and own a little part of heaven.

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