5 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore When Suffering from a Head Injury

Being involved in a car accident can sadly lead to a major brain injury. That’s why it’s best to consult with a doctor or healthcare professional that specializes in automobile accidents. Here are several signs that you should schedule an appointment right away:

Persistent headaches

Actress Natasha Richardson suffered a bad fall and experienced severe headaches nearly an hour later, says MinnPost. The actress passed away within days due to the severity of her undetected head injury. If your friend or relative starts complaining about persistent headaches after an automobile accident, do not hesitate to drive them to the doctor as quickly as possible.

Difficulty in concentrating

If your friend or relative can’t seem to concentrate or make a decision and if that’s out of character for them, it’s best to head to a doctor right away. A sudden struggle to concentrate could be a sign of a brain injury, which is why urgent medical care is recommended.

Confusion or getting lost

If your loved one starts getting confused about the time or date or about who you are, or starts getting lost in your home or backyard, that’s not a normal reaction after a car accident.


If your relative or friend starts vomiting for no reason, that’s another symptom to watch out for. This could be the likely result of an imbalance in the brain caused by an injury.

Ringing in the ears

If your loved one starts to suffer from ringing in the ears—a sign of loss of balance—then don’t wait around until the morning before going to the doctor. Time is of the essence and the sooner your loved one gets to the hospital for a proper and thorough checkup, the sooner he could get started on the right treatment. The best recourse to take is to simply go to a doctor that specializes in these types of incidents.

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