5 Signs That A Garbage Disposal In Bergen County NJ Should Be Replaced

Having a garbage disposal is one of the best ways to dispose of uneaten food and to keep food that was not scraped from the dishes from clogging the drain. Because a garbage disposal makes life more convenient, it is important that the homeowner can recognize the signs that they may need to have their Garbage Disposal in Bergen County NJ replaced.

The Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On
If a homeowner tries to turn on their garbage disposal and nothing happens, they should first make sure that the fuse or circuit breaker that runs the appliance has not blown. If the fuse is fine, the garbage disposal may need to be repaired or replaced.

The Reset Button Needs to Be Pressed Each Time the Disposal is Used
If the homeowner must press the reset button on the outlet to make the disposal work, it is a sure sign that there is a problem. There could either be a problem with the wiring, or the disposal could be failing due to age. If the disposal is old, it should be replaced.

The Disposal is Giving Off a Bad Odor
It is not uncommon for a garbage disposal to give off a foul smell over time. If the homeowner has tried the typical fixes, such as using hot and cold water, citrus fruits, and chemical agents, and the smell still persists, they should contact a professional. The system can either be taken apart and cleaned, or the homeowner can purchase a new unit.

The Food is Taking Longer Than Usual to Break Down
It should just take a few seconds for the food in the garbage disposal to break down. If it is taking longer, the chances are that the blades in the disposal are worn down. The homeowner can either have the blades replaced, or they can replace the entire unit.

The Disposal is Making a Loud Metal-on-Metal Sound
A garbage disposal should never make a clanking or metal-on-metal sound. If it starts making this sound, the chances are that the parts are moving incorrectly due to age. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a professional, so they can determine whether the unit should be repaired or replaced.

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