5 Must-Know Tips for Buying Wool Upholstery

Upgrading the wool upholstery in your sofa, daybed or couch can bring back its glory. Don’t have any experience in buying one, though? No worries. Here are must-know tips to guide you.

Explore your options

Shop around. Look for shops and suppliers with an excellent reputation in the field. What’s the company’s history? Does the company value craftmanship? Find out before you start buying any upholstery textiles, Real Homes says.

Pay for the sofa

If you want to save on costs, then you can have the damaged armchair reupholstered. But if you plan on using that chair for many, many years still, then it may be a much better option to pay and have the entire sofa reupholstered instead. Those fillings, when done right, will last you for a good long while.

Decide on the filling

What kind of filling option do you want to go for? You can choose from feathers, fiber, and foam. If you want something luxurious, a high-grade duck feather cushion is a good choice. However, that’s going to require a bit of aftercare since these will require regular plumping and turning. Otherwise, the filling will lose its shape. If you want a cheaper option with better support then go for fiber. If neither of the two will do, go for foam, which provides optimum support.

Consider the armchair design

What kind of armchairs will you work with? Squared edges imply a modern vibe to your home while curvy seats are more traditional. This will determine comfort and looks for your furniture.

Ask about other features

Some fabric options are resistant to fire. Some are durable and pet-friendly. You may want to explore these choices when you shop around for wool upholstery that you can use to give your sofas and chairs a new lease on life.

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