5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip to Disneyland

If you’ve got kids and you’re bringing them to Disneyland, here are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Overpaying for tickets

Don’t go for the ticket that offers you entry for up to 10 days. You may not be able to maximize use of the tickets, especially if you want to check out other parks as well.

Not getting a package

An easy and convenient way to go to Disneyland and enjoy yourselves is to scout around for Universal Orlando Vacation Packages. Many of these packages offer flights, hotels and Disneyland tickets. If you want your kids to have a fun time at the Happiest Place on Earth, then get a package with the tickets. That way, you won’t have to tire yourself out organizing all the details for the trip. You can leave that to someone else when you pick a package.

Picking a Disney-run hotel

Staying at a Disney-run hotel will cost you a lot. Want cost-savings? Look for Universal Orlando Vacation Packages. Plenty offer excellent accommodations at reasonable rates so you won’t go over your trip budget.

Not packing along snacks

Many of the food sold at Disneyland cost a pretty penny. Stay well-fed and hydrated by bringing along snacks and water bottles. That way, you and your kids can keep on navigating the park without your kids getting whiny about food. With snacks, you and the kids are sure to have plenty of fun and energy to take in every fun attraction they want to see and explore.

Bad timing

The worst time to go to Disneyland is when the schools are out, the U.S. News says. That’s going to mean crazy, long queues and hordes of park goers. However, if that’s the only time you can go, then pick a package that’s going to give you the best value.

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