4 Tips for Getting Your Baby Started on Solids

Getting your baby started on solids can turn you into a nervous wreck. Is my baby ready? Will she like it or not? What do I do if she has an allergic reaction? These are just a few of the questions that will run through your head. No worries, though. Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to get started.

Check for signs

If your baby can sit upright and hold her head, then that’s a sign that means you can start introducing her to solid foods. Also, if she’s curious, tends to look around everything around her and at what you’re eating, then yes, she’s ready. You’ll want to watch out for your tongue thrust reflex, too, which is when the baby automatically pushes food out of her mouth. If she doesn’t do that anymore, then you and your baby are ready for solids, Parents says.

Know when she’s done

When your baby turns her head away or spits out the food, that’s her way of telling you that she’s had enough. Monitor the amount of the food you’re feeding her. You’ll gradually increase that over time.

Check out delivery services

It’s not always convenient and easy to prepare your child’s meals. No worries, though. You can look for organic baby food delivery services in the Upper East Side. That way, if you’re too tired to prepare her meals, you can take out pre-made baby foods. That’s one way to make sure your kid continues to eat healthily.

Check out options

When you look for an organic baby food delivery service in the Upper East Side, check out the food options available. You’ll want your baby to get used to a variety of tastes, textures and flavors and grow up loving the taste of vegetables and fruits.

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