4 Things You Have To Try In Florence

Ah, Florence. Among the many cities in Europe that are built atop the legacies of ancient history, few cities are as historically-dense as the Tuscan birthplace of the Renaissance.

With architecture dating back to the days of Michelangelo, and a menu that ranges from stone slab-sized chunks of beef paired with excellent organic wines, to al fresco dining topped with a delightful scoop of the local gelateria’s monthly special, Florence is a town where food, art, and fun converge into one of the most ultimately Italian experiences money can buy.

But of the many things to do in Florence, what would make the top five? A difficult question – but we’ve got an answer.

1. Indulge in the Renaissance

There’s a reason Florence is known as the cradle of the movement that took Europe out of the Dark Ages – its streets and piazzas are lined with cathedrals and landmarks built in the era of Da Vinci. For an authentically Florentine experience, look to private tours providers like Italy Luxury Tours for access to some of the city’s most famous galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery.

2. Don’t just eat – taste

Florence is an Italian metropolis – and that means it’s a city of food. Food of such a caliber that every dish and plate borders on the definition of purest hedonism: fresh and organic vegetables, beautifully arranged around macho-portions of meat; or alternatively, selections of seafood and fruit for the less carnivorously-inclined. Eat within the traditionally-baked brick walls of an Italian cantina, or dine al fresco in view of the sky.

3. Take art home with you

Florence isn’t just a jewel in and of itself – it’s a city beset with jewels and, many of which are for sale. From historically-inspired pieces to some more contemporary works of stone, fabric and leather which helped inspire the city’s placement in the top 50 fashion metropolis of the world, Florence’s shopping districts are bursting with deals for any tourist to take advantage of.

4. Treat your ears

Italy isn’t just the cradle for the visual rebirth of art – Florence was among the earliest musical origins for the baroque movement, and the churches and cathedrals of Florence offer both free and paid orchestral performances and concertos.

If you’d like to experience the beauty of Florence in privacy, or with the help of a professional guide, look for private tours instead of visiting the usual tourist spots.

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