4 Signs You Need to Start Looking for a New Therapist

Your therapist can be your lifeline to a better future. But if you haven’t been getting the results you want, it might be time to look for a better one. Here are some signs it’s time to look for a new therapist in Boulder:

Zero connection

You’ll need to share private details of your life. So it only makes sense to pick a therapist you’re comfortable one, one you feel a connection to. So if there isn’t any, if you feel like you’re just another patient and that your therapist isn’t investing enough time or effort on you, then it’s probably better to get help elsewhere.

Lack of improvement

If your situation hasn’t shown signs of any improvement, after months of seeing your therapist, and s/he can’t seem to help you process your emotions any better or get a firm handle on what you feel, then you definitely need to go look for a new therapist in Boulder.

Boundary problems

Your therapist seems too fixated on certain details of your life, and they talk about inappropriate topics. If they’re consistently making you uncomfortable, they might be crossing too many professional boundaries. If your therapist is having a hard time keeping these boundaries intact and treating you like a client instead of an inappropriately causal manner, this could be a sign that you need to find someone else, says PsychCentral.

Patronizing treatment

If you feel like your therapist doesn’t respect your beliefs, patronizes you or makes you feel ashamed and judged, then those are strong reasons to hire someone for the job. You and your therapist are a team. So if your therapist is doing you more harm than good, then time to cut loose and find someone else to help you through your issues and problems

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