4 Signs You Have Transmission Problems

If there is one thing you shouldn’t ignore, it’s problems with your transmission. If a transmission isn’t fixed, the damage will only get worse until your entire transmission needs to be replaced at a cost of thousands of dollars. Here are 4 important signs it’s time to schedule transmission repair in Chicago.

#1. Leaking transmission fluid
If you notice a leak from your car, don’t assume it’s oil. Transmission fluid is bright red with a tart or sweet smell. Transmission fluid isn’t used up or burnt during use so it should never run low unless there’s a leak.

#2. Manual transmission won’t go into gear
If your transmission won’t budge when you press the clutch pedal and try to move the shifter, there’s a problem. This can be low transmission fluid, the wrong viscosity, or a necessary adjustment of the clutch linkage or cables.

#3. Strange noises
If you hear strange noises when you shift, the transmission is the likely culprit. With a manual transmission, you may notice a grinding sound or sensation when you shift gears. With automatic transmissions, the car will shimmy into a different gear rather than an almost unnoticeable shift. Some cars also produce a buzzing or humming noise when there’s a transmission problem.

What you may not know is transmission problems can also cause noises in neutral. If the transmission makes noise while in neutral, it’s usually a sign of a more serious problem like mechanical wear.

#4. Slipping out of gear
When the transmission is functioning, your car will remain in the gear you choose or the computer has designated for your RPM range. When the gears slip, you car can suddenly move out of gear while driving or force the stick into neutral. This is potentially dangerous and always indicates you need to have your transmission checked.

Not all transmission problems come with a huge repair bill, but this is a guarantee if you ignore the problem. Suspect there’s something wrong with your transmission? Book an appointment with Trans-O-Mex for reliable transmission repair in Chicago. Like us on our facebook page.

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