4 Reasons People Use Louisville Storage Facilities

Most people think of storage facilities in Louisville as a place to keep items if there is a gap in time between closing on their current home and when they can get into their new place.

While this is a very common use of any storage facilities, there are other reasons that crop up that are a perfect match. However, it is important to realize that not all storage is just for a few weeks. In fact, some of the self-storage facilities require a commitment of a specific amount of time, whereas moving company storage is usually based on the needs of the customer with no set minimum or maximum duration.

When Selling a Home

Today, selling a home is all about staging and having the home looking clean, organized and uncluttered. Unfortunately, that may mean having to find a temporary space for all that furniture and those special items that the Realtor has indicated have to go.

Instead of having to sell items, or store them in the garage or at friend and family members, moving company storage facilities offer climate controlled, clean and very safe storage options.

Renovations and Upgrades

When renovating a room, a floor or a complete home, simply moving items into storage facilities rather than constantly moving them from room to room is a time and energy saving option.

This is also less damaging to the items as they are not constantly being moved through the home, which is very likely to result in scuffs, bangs and general wear and tear.


For older couples or singles, moving from a home to an apartment, condo or assisted living facility limits the amount of space available. Instead of having to sell off favorite furniture, seasonal items or even sentimental things, storage facilities provide the perfect option.

With this, the items are still available, and can be retrieved if and when necessary with just a phone call to the movers.

Estate Management

While not as common, in some situations an executor of a will or the family may need to have space to store items during an estate sale or the distribution of items from the will.

By hiring a moving company and using their storage facilities, items can be professionally packed, stored and securely kept until they can be shipped to their new homes. As this is all managed by the moving company in Louisville and it takes a lot of stress out of handling the estate immediately as well as during the process.

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