4 Mistakes that Rookie Vapers Make

Beginning vapers tend to not realize that even in the vaping world you have to be careful with what you do. Vaped flora portable vaporizers make it possible to vape any and everywhere you want too. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just light up wherever you want, even though your e-cig is technically smoke-free.

With that being said, shut down your vaped flora portable vaporizer and read four more mistakes that rookie vapers make that can ruin the e-cig movement forever.

Faking Bathroom Breaks to Vape
This is one mistake that new vapers tend to make over and over again. When the urge hits, they feel that they don’t want to light up in the office and pretend to have to use the restroom instead. First off, you could really scare someone that walks into the bathroom and sees a big cloud of vapor over a stall and second, your boss is going to catch on if you take bathroom breaks constantly and you will be in major trouble. This is turn, will cause e-cig smoking to be banned at work and affect the entire movement.

Vape Indoors and Smoke Outdoors
This mistake is quite common when you are first starting out with e-cigs. Beginners tend to vape when they are inside and then light up a traditional cigarette as soon as they get outside of the building. This makes you look like a true nicotine addict and gives the e-cig industry a really bad name. If people think the e-cigs aren’t helping people kick the habit in some way, then how long do you expect the industry to stay around? Do one or the other, preferably vaping, but don’t do both.

Rude to Traditional Smokers
When you find yourself about to be rude and condescending to smokers, stop and think about it for a minute. Remember, you used to be a smoker as well. Talking down to and being rude to people who still choose traditional cigarettes over e-cigs will not make them switch, but it will give the e-cig industry a really bad name and you along with it.

These are just a few of the mistakes that beginning vapers make. Watch yourself, try to be nice, and stop these habits before they ever get started and you will be find. Don’t be rude, don’t vape indoors and smoke outdoors and you might just save the industry.

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