4 Fun Features of a Desktop Bible

When you use a Bible regularly, it can be very convenient to have one on your desktop. There is an audio Bible download available with the best Bible app, especially if you prefer the KJV Bible. There are several benefits to having a desktop Bible in addition to a hard copy.

1. Audio Function

Even though reading the Bible is the traditional way to go through the scriptures, having the option to listen to it can be convenient. You can read while you listen by syncing the text with the audio, or just listen to the passages of your choice and leave your hands free for other tasks.

2. Playlist Capabilities

You can put your favorite verses, verses you are trying to memorize or verses that you want to share with someone on separate playlists. This can help you keep track of each list of verses as well as make it easier to memorize a verse or portions of the Bible.

3. Reading Plans

If you enjoy a systematic method of reading the Bible, there are reading plans available to help you read through the Bible in whichever amount of time you choose. By setting a goal and having a reading plan, you are more likely to achieve your reading objectives.

4. Customizable

The freedom to change your preferences and adjust the settings on your desktop Bible can enable you to read it more comfortably and conveniently. You can choose from options like:

*     Font size
*     Font type
*     Red lettering for words that Jesus spoke
    Day and night mode

Especially if your vision makes reading difficult, these features can make the Bible accessible to you again.

A desktop Bible is a wonderful way to use technology to enrich your spiritual life. Available in an android Bible app as well as an Iphone Bible app, reading the Bible has never been easier. Read whenever you want with the Bible that was made for you. Visit at Scourby.com for more information.

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