4 Benefits of Using Laser Dentistry

Today, laser technology is being applied in different areas of medicine such as in surgeries and dentistry. The use of on gum laser treatment was approved by the Food and Drug Administration back in the 1990s.Laser dentistry refers to the use of fine beams and intense light or laser technology to help in carrying out dental procedures. Below are some of the main benefits that have come with the use of Laser Dentistry in Ajax ON area.

1. Less Painful
Laser treatments are normally less invasive, making them less painful. One of the reasons why most dental patients consider laser treatments is because traditional dental treatment methods often hurt and cause longer recovery times. Laser technology does not require the use of dental drills, which reduces the pressure patients feel and results in very little or no anesthesia. Laser dentistry makes patients feel less anxious about the procedure, making them focus and relax during the procedure.

2. Reduced Swelling and Bleeding
The laser uses high beams of light to help administer dental treatments and carry out surgeries. Swelling and bleeding after the procedures is minimal.

3. Minimal Trauma
Laser treatments are capable of removing tooth decay and gum and bone tissue without affecting the surrounding teeth that you do not have any problems with. There are some laser procedures that don’t require stitches as well. This will result in less trauma to the overall gum and tooth structure, which will help patients retain most of their teeth and gum composition.

4. Lesser Chance of Infection
Laser beams will help in sterilizing the cut area or the area they come in contact with. This will result in fewer infections, complications, and bacteria spreading during the treatment process.

At Pickering Square Dental, we offer dental procedures for all. We use the latest technology to ensure we provide the best dental services.

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