3 Trademarking Tips: Getting Started

After you’ve established your business, it’s time to consider filing your trademark. In simple terms, Entrepreneur describes trademarking as protection over the symbol, word, or design that represents your company. A trademark that is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office will grant you legal protection, and prevent others from infringing upon your business.

1. Focus on Originality and Memorability
When you think about trademarks that are memorable, some top brands likely pop into your mind. The Apple logo, or the golden arches of McDonald’s, for example. These marks have come to signify quality, satisfaction, or dependability in the minds of consumers and customers. You’ll want to come up with a mark that will both exemplify your business, and stick in the minds of your consumers.
And make sure that your mark is ultimately unique. If your mark is too easily confused with another mark that’s already in existence, it’s not likely to get approved. Furthermore, a mark that misrepresents the business or service you provide is also less likely to be approved. If you make jewelry, for example, you wouldn’t want your mark to be a car tire.

2. Yes, Registration is Necessary
If you’re still hesitant about going making a final decision on your mark, Business says that you also have the option of filing an intent-to-use application, which will begin the process of registration, but also allow you a six month period in which to use your mark before actually submitting it to finalize the trademark process. This will give you some time to use the mark and decide on whether or not it’s the best representation of your business. In a sense, it’s similar to a trial period.

3. Find a Trademark Lawyer
Of course, consulting with an attorney is the best way to get your questions answered when it comes to filing your trademark. Having one of the best Chicago trademark lawyers on your side is essential when it comes to navigating legal jargon, handling extensive paperwork, and understanding the terms and conditions of your application. Of course, in the unfortunate event of trademark infringement, you’ll also need an attorney to help you with bringing your case to court. Many Chicago law firms, such as Jayaram Law Group, have extensive experience with trademarking rights.

Since trademarking can be an essential method of furthering your businesses’ visibility, it helps to have assistance every step of the way. Considering a trademark is one of the best ways to add visibility and value to your business.

If you’re looking for the best Chicago trademark lawyers, Jarayam Law Group can meet your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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