3 Tips For Preparing Your Business For Atlanta Office Movers

There are several steps to take in planning for the arrival of Atlanta office movers. For small or large businesses and offices, doing a bit of work in advance of the moving day makes the process much easier and prevents last minute confusion, oversight and miscommunication.

The great news for the person in charge of coordinating the move is the fact that top office movers will provide a professional to work with you to pre-plan the entire operation. This includes determining the most effective and efficient way to load the truck, what work needs to be done in advance of the move, and even helping to assist in floor plan design for the new office space.

Communicate with Staff

One of the most important aspects of planning for an office move is to communicate effectively with staff as to the timelines, the process and their requirements or responsibilities during the move.

As any office movers will tell you, the more that staff is aware of deadlines, including when movers will arrive to start advanced operations such as breaking down shelving, cubicles and furniture the less confusion and chaos there will be in leading up to the moving day.

Identify Personal Items to Move

It is important to provide employees and management with a clear outline as to what they will need to move and what the movers will handle. Most office movers prefer not to move valuable items, which means any items of significant monetary or sentimental value.

Employees should typically not move office electronics, Office files or records, or other types of office equipment. This just leads to difficulties in trying to complete inventory records at the new location. It also increases the risk of damage or loss of equipment through dropping, being incorrectly packed and even sliding around in a vehicle trunk.

Evaluate Assets

The time before the move is the perfect opportunity to assess the assets in the office and get rid of old, outdated or unnecessary equipment, records, furniture, fixtures, supplies and materials.

Many of the Atlanta office movers provide assistance with disposal of these items including moving old paper records to shredding and record destruction facilities or in planning asset auctions to get rid of unnecessary equipment, fixtures and supplies. Turning over this task to the movers will allow you to focus on all the issues associated with the move without having to take the time to coordinate all these additional activities.

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