3 Tips for Diabetic Foot Care in Racine, WI

Foot care should be an important part of every person’s weekly or even daily routine. As the foundation for the body as it moves along, feet serve an important function and shouldn’t be overlooked. For diabetics, foot care is even more important. They have a high risk for several types of foot complications. Small issues can quickly spiral out of control and turn into something that requires medical attention. Consider these three tips for Diabetic Foot Care in Racine WI.

Check Feet Every Day

It sounds simple but it can have a huge impact on the health of a diabetic. For some, lack of sensation in the feet can lead to injuries that go unnoticed until they are really bad. By taking the time to check the feet each day, a person can visually inspect the area and look for any signs of concern. At the same time, it helps to make sure that the feet are washed and lotioned daily.

Don’t Skip Socks (or Shoes)

Socks may seem like they don’t provide much protection for the feet but in reality, they do offer a barrier between the feet and the ground. In the house, be sure to wear socks at all times to prevent small injuries. When outside, make sure to have some type of shoes on. Even walking out to get the newspaper or enjoying the sand at the beach requires shoes. Small cuts, along with bumps and bruises, can often be prevented by wearing shoes. Remember, shoes need to fit well and be comfortable in order to be effective and reduce the risk of injury.

Consistent Blood Flow

One of the main concerns of a diabetic is not keeping consistent blood flow to the extremities, especially the feet. The easiest way to ensure this happens is to stay active. Walking every day helps to get the blood flowing and also has other positive effects on the body. When sitting down, don’t allow feet to drop to the floor. Instead, put them up. Also, avoid socks or pants that could be tight around the legs or ankles and prevent blood flow from occurring.

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