3 Things to Know Before You Sell Your Gold

Properties are a definite asset. But when you need instant cash, they might be a bit difficult to liquidate. That’s where gold shines, though. You can easily sell gold for instant cash. However, before you hand out your gold pieces, here are a three things you might want to know to improve your chances of getting a good deal:

Get it appraised
Before you go to a seller, make sure you know how much your gold is worth. Have it appraised, suggests Investopedia. That way, you’ll have an idea if you’re getting a good deal or getting short-changed. Don’t try to take the gold to a buyer without doing this first or you could end up getting so much less than the going rate. Also, gold bars and coins are often priced at more than 90 percent of their melt value and thus have a bigger payoff than other types of gold jewelry pieces.

Look for the right buyer
The kind of gold you have will determine your buyers. Some pawn shops take in vintage coins. Others might want a different kind. So base your search for a buyer on the kind of gold you have. And then do your research. Find buyers online. You could also ask around. You might luckily find someone who knows more than a thing or thing about selling gold and who to get in touch with.

Know your buyer
For an added measure, go online and check out the Better Business Bureau site and see if the business is registered and if it’s got any complaints lodged against it. Even so, you might be able to take them with a grain of salt. Bad reviews don’t automatically make for a bad business, but if there’s a consistent pattern throughout the reviews, it might be enough to make you think twice before you put your trust in that buyer.

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