3 Things to Consider Before Gender Reassignment

Male to female gender reassignment is something that many transwomen dream of doing as they get older. The idea of living in a body that matches their identity is not only desirable – it’s also a big part of living a healthy life. But before you schedule a gender reassignment for male to female surgery, hormones, or other treatments, there are three things to consider.

Do You Want Biological Children?

If you do think you may want biological children in the future, consider banking sperm before going through with any gender reassignment surgery. Even if you aren’t really sure, it may still be a good idea to bank the sperm to be used for surrogacy or conception with a future partner. If you decide you don’t want biological children in the future, you can have the banked sperm discarded.

Make a Plan for Recovery

If you are having a gender reassignment male to female surgery, you will need an extended period of recovery time before you can fully return to activities, work, and life in general. Be sure that you have the ability to be absent from work for a time, and be sure that you have decided how you’ll approach anyone who knows you as the incorrect gender after the surgical procedure is performed. Because recovery is a very emotional time, it may be better to consider coming out well before the surgery, so that you aren’t juggling coming out at the same time as your recovery and adjustment to life in your body.

Change Your Gender Designation Soon

When you have a gender reassignment procedure performed, you also have to consider if you want to have your gender designation legally changed. Most transwomen do, and the process can take a bit of time. You’ll need to have all legal documents, including drivers’ licenses, passports, Social Security cards, and anything else, changed. If you can do this soon after your procedure, it will make it much easier to ease back into life once your recovery is complete and you resume working and other activities.

Schedule a Consultation Today

It can seem like there is a lot to do before a gender reassignment – but once you are well-informed about the process, you’ll feel more confident about each step you need to take. To learn more about this process, contact us for a consultation at 469-429-7557.

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