3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Residential HVAC Unit in Top Shape

Having a residential HVAC system ensures the home is at a comfortable temperature and humidity level all year round. The key is to take care of the little things that keep the system in top condition. By using these three simple tips, you will go a long way toward ensuring your equipment for heating and cooling is always running at top efficiency in your St Charles home.

Change the Filters Regularly

It’s easy to overlook the filters, especially when everything seems to be running fine. However, not changing the filters creates additional stress on the unit. Over time, you shorten the unit’s life and will end up consuming more energy along the way. Check the unit’s manual and replace the filters according to the recommended schedule. Remember that it pays to only buy the type of filters recommended for the unit.

Remember to Have the Ductwork Cleared and Cleaned

Many people have no idea what sort of grime and debris collects in ductwork. If you can’t remember the last time this part of your system for heating and cooling was checked, it’s a good idea to have that done in the next couple of weeks. Once the ducts are cleaned, schedule cleanings at least every other year. This is especially important if anyone in the home smokes, there are pets who stay indoors most of the time, or you’ve had issues with different types of pests.

Schedule at Least One Full Inspection Per Calendar Year

Your system for heating and cooling in St Charles should be inspected by a professional annually. This makes it easier to spot minor issues before they can turn into major and costly problems. An inspection could save you quite a bit of money as well as extend the life of the unit.

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