3 Reasons Property Owners Install Solar Screens in Katy, TX Homes

Summers in Texas are some of the hottest in the U.S. That is one reason why residents often install solar screens in Katy TX homes. The affordable screens can increase curb appeal and help to minimize sun damage to interiors. Solar screens also reduce energy use and keep homes comfortable on the sunniest days.

Screens Create a Designer Look

Many homeowners install solar screens in Katy TX homes instead of adding awnings or other types of sunshades. Some do not like the look of awnings and prefer more minimalist looks. Clients often contact Lone Star Glass, Inc. and consult professionals who offer a range of products in different colors. Manufacturers offer screens in colors that include whites, grays, blues, and browns. Suppliers offer custom installation and can provide solar screen shades to fit any type of window or decorating style. Many clients like the way solar shades keep light out but give exteriors a sophisticated appearance.

Sun Damage and Heat Is Minimized

Clients often order custom solar screens so they can filter UV rays, which have been associated with skin cancer. Manufacturers offer screens that provide varying degrees of protection against the damaging rays. Filtering results are affected by products’ colors and designs. Solar screens also minimize or eliminate sun damage to furniture, paintings, carpeting, and wood floors. Homeowners often install sun-filtering screens in order to keep rooms more comfortable by controlling the amount of light that enters.

Energy Costs Decrease and Comfort Increases

Because solar screens reduce the amount of light and heat in rooms, they also contribute to cooler homes. Screens minimize heat gain through windows. However, solar shade screens can be adjusted during the winter to increase heat gain. Most products reduce glare in rooms and generally make it easier to view computer and television screens. Residents still have clear views of the outdoors without straining their eyes. Many compare the experience to seeing their properties through sunglasses.

Homeowners in areas with hot, bright summers often install solar screens. Professionally installed solar screens can increase a home’s curb appeal and filter dangerous UV rays. They also keep rooms cooler, help to reduce energy costs, and minimize glare.

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