3 New Innovations With the Classic Hearing Instrument in Norwich, CT

There are six excellent locations to receive a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT. After stopping by one of the six locations for a visit, go ahead and sign up for the newsletter. New innovations, price changes, and ideas are sent out every week. There are some great innovations happening now that are changing hearing aid technology, including the three discussed below.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is the wireless connection between two electronic devices. It is a revolutionary new technology integrated into a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT. It works as follows. Users receive a device that is like a small hand-controlled remote. They can adjust the hearing aid accordingly without having to manually adjust the aid. It can also be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices to make integration from regular hearing to hearing aid hearing seamless. Bluetooth has completely revamped hearing aid technology, and it is now being disbursed in Connecticut hearing aid centers.

New Batteries: Traditional batteries are tricky because they are a little clunky. They also do not last particularly long, and that can be a serious problem for people who rely on their hearing aid for work, business, pleasure, and general activities. New system batteries have a much greater lifespan. They also have a feature integrated with the hearing aid that display when the batteries are getting low. Patients will receive a steady supply of free batteries during their warranty period. That can last upwards of five years, but most patients opt for a one-year warranty.

Dizziness Control: A lack of hearing is bad for the obvious reasons, but there is another area where the bad hearing has a major impact. Individuals may have vertigo or poor balance because of the subtle changes in their hearing. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is actually a condition that affects the balance of patients when they turn their head, look up, or reach for something above them. The aids can help in this area as well. Special hearing aids are known to cater to people who have poor hearing in one ear and not in the other.

Schedule An Appointment today through the County hearing and Balance official website at http://countyhearingandbalance.com/. The professionals in Connecticut can provide a plan to improve hearing and reestablish that independence in a person’s life.

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