3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Small Event Catering Services

While there are times when you have to coordinate a lunch order for a group, meeting or planning session at the last minute when it comes to event planning the earlier you book small event catering services the better.

Sometimes event coordinators or planners think that because they aren’t ordering food for hundreds of people small event catering services can just squeeze their order in. However, this is really a mistake for several very important reasons.

Not Trying the Food

If you plan to hire small event catering services in advance you have the time to actually try out their food. This is very important as you don’t want to choose a caterer that isn’t consistent in the quality and taste of the food they provide.

Although not all companies offering small event catering have restaurants, this is a perfect combination to allow you to get a good feel for the type of food, service and extras that you can expect.

Ordering by Price Alone

While small event catering doesn’t have to be expensive, it is important not to shop or compare by price alone. Fresh, healthy food selections are going to be reasonably priced based on the current markets. Very low cost estimate may mean that the company doesn’t use top quality ingredients or may cut corners on the freshness of their ingredients.

Booking Last Minute

Trying to book catering services at the last minute is perhaps the biggest mistake. This is because not only will your order be difficult to fill but the caterer doesn’t have time to bring in staff or prepare enough foods to fill a last minute order in addition to all their advance orders.

Some small event catering services will take the order and do their best to put something together for you. Top companies, however, will often let you know that they cannot complete the order as they don’t want substandard food provided to any of their clients.

Typically small event catering services will only need a few days to ensure that they can fill your order. They can also adjust to a small number of changes on the day of delivery, but try to keep these to a minimum to avoid disappointment. As a favorite small event catering service Chicken Salad Chick is here to help you with your planning and menu selection needs. To learn more about our company see us at Facebook or Twitter.

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