3 Ideas of What Message to Put On Your LED Signage

Having an LED sign is a great investment for your business since it’s both eye-catching as well as modern. It can be seen at night and advertises at all hours of the day from long distances. As far as signage goes, it’s flexible and long-term, so you’re getting good value for your money. Here are a few ideas of how to maximize the usefulness of your LED signage.

How to Use Animations and Where to Get Them

One of the most popular content elements that businesses us in an LED electronic moving message sign are simple animations. You might have passed a pizza place with an LED sign that features a graphic of a pizza being flipped, or even just a simple whirling of text. Whatever it is you’re interested in, there are lots of free sites such as AnimatedImages.org, for example, where you can pick up these type of animations to make the most out of your LED sign.

What Text to Feature on Your Sign

When you’re using an LED sign, the most important message you wish to send to customers and passersby should be prominently featured. For example, for food trucks in urban areas competing with a high density of other vendors, highlighting what you offer that’s different may be the important information you want to convey. If every food truck in the area is offering pizza but you’re dealing in falafel, you want to drive that point home since that sets you apart. Another example would be if you’re having a promotion such as a free soda with a meal. LED displays are great for displaying rotating and current information you want to highlight.

LED signs are great for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a transportable vendor like a food truck or located in a brick and mortar office, this type of signage is flexible, bright, and eye-catching.

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