3 Essential Features in a Professional Pizza Oven

As you consider options for purchasing a professional pizza oven, chances are good there will be several brands and styles available. This does not mean all are the same. It pays to invest in an oven designed to handle the amount of product you will produce, but also the overall quality product you desire. There are numerous things to consider but start with these three areas.

#1: Construction
Simply, it needs to be built to last. Choose one with a solid weld construction when possible. Consider the strength of the stainless steel (the best type of material for these ovens). Additionally, you want to learn about the durability built into the cooking chamber. Is it capable of handling the wear and tear you plan to use it for?

#2: Efficiencies
An efficient oven is important. It needs to be efficient to work properly, but also to keep your costs down. The good news is the best of these ovens are designed to be significantly more efficient than traditional ceramic ovens (when you choose a wood burning oven). Your professional pizza oven needs to be one you can count on for this.

#3: Hot Spot Control
Controlling temperatures within it is also important. Hot spots can be troublesome, but they occur in a variety of ovens. When selecting an oven, then, look for a design capable of minimizing the risk of such hot spots. The best products eliminate the hot spots and create uniform heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber. This produces a quality product every time.
Investing in a quality product is essential. It ensures you are investing wisely. Check out a variety of professional pizza oven options to fit your needs. Then, select based on the quality of the product they can produce for you.

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