3 Benefits and Features of Indoor Motion Lighting Installation Service in Indianapolis

Lighting in the home had the obvious benefit of lighting the room. It is accepted that hitting a light switch or spinning that little knob on the lamp is just a necessary part of turning the lights on in the room. But, what if that was not so? Many homeowners have enjoyed the nice feature of walking into a room and having the whole room light up. By now they may take it for granted. Aside from the obvious benefit of convenience, what are some other benefits of an indoor motion Lighting Installation Service in Indianapolis?


If there is any movement in a room, the lights will turn on. This will allow people to know if someone has snuck into the home or if the dog has left for any reason. It could indicate a teenager is sneaking out or if someone is coming home extra late. It is noteworthy to state that the wireless lights can be turned off if need be. But, for many people, the extra security is a nice, and often overlooked, benefit.

Wireless Control

The security aspect does not just remain in the home. What happens when the family goes away for the week, and the house is empty? Many people are sneaky enough to have the lights turned on. They may keep one light on upstairs. But, this can be forgotten about. Worse yet, someone could turn smart to the fact that the driveway is empty, and one light has stayed on every hour of the day. The Lighting Installation Service in Indianapolis will have wireless control and access. The zone control can turn lights on and off remotely.

Light Level Control

The motion lighting at BurtnerElectric.com will even have a dimming feature. It is extremely underrated because there is rarely one universal light that fits every situation. Many times, people have felt a need to decrease the light or increase it as needed. Very few lights can easily do that, forcing people to turn off one lamp, switch the lightswitches around, and reverse the switch. It’s all a rather cumbersome design.

Recieve lighting installation now and take advantage of the great new features included with motion lighting. It is safe, it is energy responsible, and it is far more convenient than juggling light brightness.

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