2 Big Reasons to Hire Fire Damage Experts

After a house fire, many homeowners think that their homes will never be normal again. Ceilings, floors and walls are sometimes burned, and soft surfaces are stained with soot and ash. If a home is damaged by fire, it’s important for the homeowner to remember that Fire Damage Experts can help bring it back to normal. In this article are some reasons homeowners should choose a professional rather than doing the work themselves.

Contractors Have the Right Skills and Equipment

Contractors have the experience, licensing and equipment they need to handle the job and ensure that all repairs pass safety and building codes. During a house fire, smoke gets into walls and is trapped in hard surfaces. This entrapment can cause a prolonged smoke smell if it’s not handled by a fire damage restoration professional.

Moreover, because water is used to extinguish the fire, water damage may also occur. A home can quickly become a harbor for mildew and mold if the damage isn’t immediately addressed. Contractors have special equipment that can remove water and smoke from the home, and it can decrease the chance of mildew and mold growth. A fire damage restoration specialist can restore a home to like-new condition by rebuilding structural components and replacing walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures.

A Contractor Can Keep the Family Safe

While many homeowners want to start cleanup right after a house fire, it’s often a bad idea as the structure may not be safe to enter. Water can be near electrical power sources, which means a high electrocution risk. Additionally, depending on the severity of the damage, there can be weak spots in flooring that are dangerous to walk upon. A homeowner should hire a fire damage restoration company to perform an inspection and make necessary repairs.

Fire damage contractors with Arizona Mold have the knowledge and tools needed to remove ash, soot, water and smoke from the home safely and efficiently. A homeowner should remember that their insurance may cover the expense of hiring a professional; consult an insurance agent to find out for sure. For additional information on the advantages of hiring restoration professionals, call local Fire Damage Experts.

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