Sector fund, as the name suggests is something that invests in a particular sector of the economy. Well, investing in a sector fund is all about gaining cash on a growing sector resulting in good returns.

So, let us get acquainted with the leading sector mutual funds that can be invested in India.

1. Technology sector funds:
Well, this sector fund invests in a wide range of technology-related companies associated with research, computer related things, the internet, semiconductors and many more. Although this sector is new, it is making significant progress.

2. Consumer cyclical sector funds and FMCG funds:
They concentrate on the consumer sector stocks i.e., business cycle and economic conditions. These are categorized into durable and non-durable sectors. They are considered as consumer discretionary companies, which are exposed to fluctuations in consumer reading. The same implies for the FMCG sector funds.

3. Healthcare sector funds:
These have the portfolio consisting of different pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the leading sector mutual funds and is risky as well. However, investors can receive a good amount if they invest strategically.

4. Real estate sector funds:
As the name signifies, companies on any real estate project invest these funds. These are for long period and provide certain liquidity to the investors. Moreover, if someone wants to hold money without physical association, then this is the best option.

5. Natural resources sector funds:
These include securities of companies indulged in extractive activities like mining, logging of trees etc. and can provide good return policies for the investors.

6. Financial sector funds:
These are engaged in equity and debt securities like banks, investment funds, etc. that offer financial services. It is worth making investments in this sector.

7. Utility sector funds:
These sector funds include stocks of utilities like gas and power. Stocks in the utilities are reliable and slow but balanced for long time investors.

8. Tourism sector funds:
The tourism sector funds are engaged in tourism. This is progressive enough due to the development of tourism sectors.

9. Transportation sector funds:
These sector funds include broad industrial markets and companies that operate airlines, railroad services and others related to the transport system.

10. Logistics sector funds:
This type of investment is related to the expenses incurred on the services provided by the logistics companies taking into consideration the entire supply chain management.

Henceforth, the investors can rely upon in 2018 these top leading sector mutual funds.

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